Happy New Year!

I’ve never really been much for New Year resolutions, but this year I’m doing it. I’m making New Year resolutions, and at the very top of the list is starting a food blog! Check that off the list! I’m rocking this! Jokes. Here’s what I want from this blog:

  1. I want to have a place where I can document both my life and the food I create.
  2. I want to post at least once a week.
  3. I want to get better at food photography despite the less than stellar lighting in my little kitchen.

Yay for goals! So, let me tell you a little about myself! (And by “you” I most probably mean my mother, mother-in-law, and possibly a few of my old roommates. Holla!)


This is me and my wonderful and goofy husband, Evan. We met our Sophomore year of college and quickly became best friends. We dated for a few years and continued to grow closer and closer, until one day at the beach he asked me to be with him forever. We were married just barely over a year ago with our closest family and a few wonderful friends.


We were married in the beautiful red rock of Southern Utah to pay respect to our favorite couple hobby: rock climbing.


We both graduated from BYU this past April and moved down to Houston, moved into a tiny little apartment, and started living real, post-college life! Evan is working as an online MCAT tutor and ER scribe. I graduated in Food Science and am working at a milk processing plant as a Quality Assurance Technician. A mix between factory hours and ER hours makes our schedules pretty crazy, but we’ve been making the best of this year!

I’ve dabbled in photography before, but let’s be real, my true passion is food. I’m a food-blog addict and spend way too much of my life “researching” what meals to make. My goal in life is to make perfect breads and be a fantastic home cook. I love variety and always want to try new-to-me foods and ingredients.

My favorite food blogs are Budget BytesIowa Girl EatsOur Best Bites, and Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I largely follow recipes when I cook, but I’m getting to be a better cook and have started being able to make some adjustments to fit my tastes and budget. I also love developing my own recipes, but it often takes more time than I have right now. Anyways, that’s a little about me, my life, and my goals. I hope you enjoy following my journey! Here’s to a wonderful New Year!

P.S. All of these pictures are by Sami Jo Photography.


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