That Time I Was Crafty & New Beginnings

You guys. I was crafty. Not just crafty, but crafty and decorator-y. Twice. Be proud of me, I know I am! I’ve been wanting to make a picture wall for the longest time, but just kept putting it off. Then, the other day someone on freecycle was giving away picture frames, and the stars aligned and I got it done! Look! Isn’t it beautiful?


I made all of the canvas looking ones using this method. I used some ¼ inch MDF and got the people at Home Depot to cut it to the sizes I wanted. It was so easy and cheap and now we have large-scale pictures for our wall!


You’ve got to love pinterest when you’re feeling crafty. Pinterest taught me this cool way to arrange and hang the pictures so that everything is straight in the end. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re going to hang multiple pictures. I now have a strong love for my level.


I happened to get the picture wall done just in time for my parents and in-laws to visit for Evan’s White Coat Ceremony. Talk about perfect timing!

My second take at being crafty brought about some Halloween decorations! I like to refer to last year as the year without holidays. Both Evan and I were working on Halloween and the day after Halloween, so we didn’t do a single thing to celebrate. We were also both working on Thanksgiving. Luckily we were able to go and have a little belated family time with my family the weekend after Thanksgiving. We planned to spend Christmas with Evan’s family, but I had to work the day after Christmas. So we spent a few days skiing and hanging out with Evan’s family (which was lovely), but then got on a plane on Christmas Day. And Evan had to work on New Years Eve. And we both had to work on our anniversary. Ugh!


LOOOOOVE holidays, so it was a little rough, but I’m determined to never let that happen to us again. Luckily a trip to the dollar store, Walmart, and Pottery Barn (we still had a gift card left over from our wedding) got our apartment modestly decked out for the holiday. And I probably spent a grand total of $10-15 outside of gift cards. It was great! I followed this blog for the black bunting (which I kind of love), found some acorns on the ground and bought some candy for the big glass cube, made some little yarn pumpkins for the smaller cube, bought a dollar store skull, and put out a fall-colored candle. Bam! Instant Halloween. It was very, very simple, but it was so fun to be a little festive! Oh, and we put out our Mayan calendar, too. Because it’s a little spooky and it’s orange. Maybe mostly because it’s orange.


You can also see another one of our large scale mod-podged pictures above our mantle. Yay for Costco’s large, inexpensive prints!

I also made this little wreath that makes me happier than it probably should. It’s just so fun and simple and cute! I combined this tutorial and this tutorial to make it.


Looking at these pictures it seems like our decorations weren’t all that significant, but let me tell you, our simple little decorations made both Evan and me very happy. I love how holidays can bring so much excitement with them!

Sidenote, our Halloween was very much like our decorations: low key and fun. We went to our friends’ house and had dinner in a pumpkin and just hung out. It was just what we needed. And next year, we’ll dress up again!


Well we’re rapidly approaching another holiday, and I still have my Halloween decorations up, but I have some good news to tell you before I start worrying about that. I got a new job!! So now I won’t be missing holidays anymore! I’m going to work a normal person schedule (just with earlier days so that I can miss traffic!) This was my first week and I loved it. I love the work I’m doing better, I love that I get more than 2.5 waking hours at home at night, and I love that I feel like I have more control over my life. I’m very excited about all of the opportunities that this change has created for me, both professionally and personally. It’s good. It’s very good. Yay for new beginnings!

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