Hi! I’m Emma and this is my means to chronicle my life and food!

Red Rock Smiles

Here are some facts about me:

I would prefer to stay home and cook than go out to eat almost every time.

It is a part of my ultimate life goals to come up with the perfect bagel and whole wheat sandwich bread recipes.

I believe in exercise and really utilizing your body.

I believe in healthy lifestyles as opposed to diets. If you tell me I can’t have a brownie, I’ll eat a whole pan. But if you give me just one, I’ll savor it happily.

I’ve never cried in a movie or while reading a book. I feel the emotion, really! I just haven’t cried.

I believe in being cost conscious (read: I’m super cheap).

I enjoy being a little goofy.

I’m so excited to be starting a food blog!


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